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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCezMath::BasicType< Type >
oCezVirtualThumbStick::CenterModeDefines whether the thumb-stick center position is locked or relative to where the user started touching it
oCezChunkStreamReader::ChunkInfoDescribes the state of the current chunk
oCezLogWriter::ConsoleA simple log writer that writes out log messages using printf
oCezConsole::ConsoleEventThe event data that is broadcast by the console
oCezConsole::ConsoleStringThe data for one text entry in the console window
oCconst_iterator_base< ARRAY, T, reverse >Base class for STL like random access iterators
oCconst_reverse_pointer_iterator< T >Base class for Pointer like reverse iterators
oCezGameObject::ConstChildIteratorIterates over all children of one object
oCezBlockStorage< T, BlockSizeInByte, CompactStorage >::ConstIterator
oCezHashTableBase< KeyType, ValueType, Hasher >::ConstIteratorConst iterator
oCezIdTableBase< IdType, ValueType >::ConstIteratorConst iterator
oCezListBase< T >::ConstIteratorBase-class for all iterators
oCezMapBase< KeyType, ValueType, Comparer >::ConstIteratorBase class for all iterators
oCezCVar::CVarEventThe data that is broadcast whenever a cvar is changed
oCezStackAllocator< TrackingFlags >::DestructData
oCezBlockStorage< T, BlockSizeInByte, CompactStorage >::Entry
oCezMessageQueueBase< MetaDataType >::Entry
oCezHashTableBase< KeyType, ValueType, Hasher >::Entry
oCezIdTableBase< IdType, ValueType >::Entry
oCezClock::EventDataThe data that is sent through the event interface
oCezOSFile::EventDataThe data that is sent through the event interface
oCezOSFile::EventTypeDescribes the types of events that ezOSFile sends
oCezAbstractMessageHandlerThe base class for all message handlers that a type provides
oCezAbstractPropertyThis is the base interface for all properties in the reflection system. It provides enough information to cast to the next better base class
oCezInputManager::ezActionDataThe data that is stored for each action
oCezAligned< Alignment >Alignment helper. Derive from this struct if alignment is depending on a template parameter. If alignment is fixed always use the EZ_ALIGN macro
oCezMemoryPolicies::ezAlignedAllocation< T >Allocation policy to support custom alignment per allocation
oCezMemoryPolicies::ezAlignedHeapAllocationAligned Heap memory allocation policy
oCezAllocatorBaseBase class for all memory allocators
oCezAngleFloat wrapper struct for a safe usage and conversions of angles
oCezApplicationBase class to be used by applications based on ezEngine
oCezArchiveSerializerBase class for custom helpers to store and restore reflected objects to and from an archive
oCezArrayBase< T, Derived >Base class for all array containers. Implements all the basic functionality that only requires a pointer and the element count
oCezArrayBase< CellData, ezDynamicArrayBase< CellData > >
oCezArrayBase< char, ezHybridArrayBase< char, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< const ezNodePin *, ezDynamicArrayBase< const ezNodePin * > >
oCezArrayBase< const ezRenderData *, ezDynamicArrayBase< const ezRenderData * > >
oCezArrayBase< const ezToken *, ezHybridArrayBase< const ezToken *, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezAbstractMessageHandler *, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezAbstractMessageHandler * > >
oCezArrayBase< ezAbstractObjectNode::Property, ezHybridArrayBase< ezAbstractObjectNode::Property, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezApplicationFileSystemConfig::DataDirConfig, ezHybridArrayBase< ezApplicationFileSystemConfig::DataDirConfig, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezApplicationPluginConfig::PluginConfig, ezHybridArrayBase< ezApplicationPluginConfig::PluginConfig, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezArchiveReader::ObjectRef, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezArchiveReader::ObjectRef > >
oCezArrayBase< ezArchiveReader::RttiData, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezArchiveReader::RttiData > >
oCezArrayBase< ezArrayMapBase::Pair, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezArrayMapBase::Pair > >
oCezArrayBase< ezBlockStorage::Entry, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezBlockStorage::Entry > >
oCezArrayBase< ezClock, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezClock > >
oCezArrayBase< ezComponent *, ezHybridArrayBase< ezComponent *, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezComponentManagerBase *, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezComponentManagerBase * > >
oCezArrayBase< ezComponentManagerBase::ComponentStorageEntry, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezComponentManagerBase::ComponentStorageEntry > >
oCezArrayBase< ezComponentManagerBase::UpdateFunctionDesc, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezComponentManagerBase::UpdateFunctionDesc > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDataBlock< ComponentType, BlockSizeInByte >, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezDataBlock< ComponentType, BlockSizeInByte > > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDataBlock< ezGameObject, BlockSizeInByte >, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezDataBlock< ezGameObject, BlockSizeInByte > > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDataBlock< T, BlockSizeInByte >, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezDataBlock< T, BlockSizeInByte > > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDataDirectory::ezDataDirectory::FolderReader *, ezHybridArrayBase< ezDataDirectory::ezDataDirectory::FolderReader *, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDataDirectory::ezDataDirectory::FolderWriter *, ezHybridArrayBase< ezDataDirectory::ezDataDirectory::FolderWriter *, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDataDirFactory, ezHybridArrayBase< ezDataDirFactory, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDelegate, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezDelegate > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDelegate, ezHybridArrayBase< ezDelegate, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezDynamicArray *, ezHybridArrayBase< ezDynamicArray *, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezFileSystem::DataDirectory, ezHybridArrayBase< ezFileSystem::DataDirectory, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezGALTextureHandle, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezGALTextureHandle > >
oCezArrayBase< ezGALVertexAttribute, ezHybridArrayBase< ezGALVertexAttribute, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezGALVertexDeclarationGL::VertexAttributeDesc, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezGALVertexDeclarationGL::VertexAttributeDesc > >
oCezArrayBase< ezGameApplication::WindowContext, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezGameApplication::WindowContext > >
oCezArrayBase< ezGridNavmesh::ConvexArea, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezGridNavmesh::ConvexArea > >
oCezArrayBase< ezHybridString, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezHybridString > >
oCezArrayBase< ezHybridString, ezHybridArrayBase< ezHybridString, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezHybridString, ezStaticArray< ezHybridString, Capacity > >
oCezArrayBase< ezImage::SubImage, ezHybridArrayBase< ezImage::SubImage, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezImageConversionBase::SubConversion, ezStaticArray< ezImageConversionBase::SubConversion, Capacity > >
oCezArrayBase< ezInt32, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezInt32 > >
oCezArrayBase< ezInternal::WorldData::RegisteredUpdateFunction, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezInternal::WorldData::RegisteredUpdateFunction > >
oCezArrayBase< ezInternal::WorldData::UpdateTask *, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezInternal::WorldData::UpdateTask * > >
oCezArrayBase< ezJSONParser::JSONState, ezHybridArrayBase< ezJSONParser::JSONState, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezJSONReader::Element, ezHybridArrayBase< ezJSONReader::Element, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezLargeBlockAllocator::SuperBlock, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezLargeBlockAllocator::SuperBlock > >
oCezArrayBase< ezMaterialResourceDescriptor::PermutationVar, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezMaterialResourceDescriptor::PermutationVar > >
oCezArrayBase< ezMaterialResourceDescriptor::ShaderConstant, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezMaterialResourceDescriptor::ShaderConstant > >
oCezArrayBase< ezMaterialResourceDescriptor::TextureBinding, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezMaterialResourceDescriptor::TextureBinding > >
oCezArrayBase< ezMemoryPolicies::ezStackAllocation::Bucket, ezHybridArrayBase< ezMemoryPolicies::ezStackAllocation::Bucket, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezMeshResourceDescriptor::Material, ezHybridArrayBase< ezMeshResourceDescriptor::Material, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezMeshResourceDescriptor::SubMesh, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezMeshResourceDescriptor::SubMesh > >
oCezArrayBase< ezMeshResourceDescriptor::SubMesh, ezHybridArrayBase< ezMeshResourceDescriptor::SubMesh, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezOBJLoader::FaceVertex, ezHybridArrayBase< ezOBJLoader::FaceVertex, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezPermutationGenerator::PermutationVar, ezHybridArrayBase< ezPermutationGenerator::PermutationVar, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezPropertyAttribute *, ezHybridArrayBase< ezPropertyAttribute *, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezRenderContext *, ezHybridArrayBase< ezRenderContext *, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezRenderPipeline::PassData, ezHybridArrayBase< ezRenderPipeline::PassData, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezResourceHandle< class ezMaterialResource >, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezResourceHandle< class ezMaterialResource > > >
oCezArrayBase< ezShaderMaterialParamCB::MaterialParameter, ezHybridArrayBase< ezShaderMaterialParamCB::MaterialParameter, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezShaderStageResource, ezHybridArrayBase< ezShaderStageResource, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezStackAllocator::DestructData, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezStackAllocator::DestructData > >
oCezArrayBase< ezStandardJSONWriter::JSONState, ezHybridArrayBase< ezStandardJSONWriter::JSONState, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezTagSetBlockStorage, ezHybridArrayBase< ezTagSetBlockStorage, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezTask *, ezHybridArrayBase< ezTask *, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezTaskGroupID, ezHybridArrayBase< ezTaskGroupID, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezTaskWorkerThread *, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezTaskWorkerThread * > >
oCezArrayBase< ezTextSectionizer::ezTextSection, ezHybridArrayBase< ezTextSectionizer::ezTextSection, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezUInt16, ezHybridArrayBase< ezUInt16, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezUInt32, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezUInt32 > >
oCezArrayBase< ezUInt32, ezHybridArrayBase< ezUInt32, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezUInt8, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezUInt8 > >
oCezArrayBase< ezUInt8, ezHybridArrayBase< ezUInt8, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezUInt8, ezStaticArray< ezUInt8, Capacity > >
oCezArrayBase< ezUniquePtr< ezRenderer >, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezUniquePtr< ezRenderer > > >
oCezArrayBase< ezUniquePtr< ezRenderPipelinePass >, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezUniquePtr< ezRenderPipelinePass > > >
oCezArrayBase< ezVariant, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezVariant > >
oCezArrayBase< ezVertexStreamInfo, ezHybridArrayBase< ezVertexStreamInfo, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< ezView *, ezDynamicArrayBase< ezView * > >
oCezArrayBase< ezWorld *, ezStaticArray< ezWorld *, Capacity > >
oCezArrayBase< glBufferId, ezDynamicArrayBase< glBufferId > >
oCezArrayBase< glTextureId, ezDynamicArrayBase< glTextureId > >
oCezArrayBase< T, ezDynamicArrayBase< T > >
oCezArrayBase< T, ezHybridArrayBase< T, Size > >
oCezArrayBase< T, ezStaticArray< T, Capacity > >
oCezArrayBase< void *, ezStaticArray< void *, Capacity > >
oCezArrayBase< wchar_t, ezHybridArrayBase< wchar_t, Size > >
oCezArrayMapBase< KEY, VALUE >An associative container, similar to ezMap, but all data is stored in a sorted contiguous array, which makes frequent lookups more efficient
oCezArrayPropertyAccessor< Class, Container, Member >
oCezArrayPtr< T >This class encapsulates an array and it's size. It is recommended to use this class instead of plain C arrays
oCezArrayPtr< ezAbstractMessageHandler * >
oCezArrayPtr< ezAbstractProperty * >
oCezArrayPtr< ezGALSystemMemoryDescription >
oCezArrayPtr< ezUInt32 >
oCezArrayPtr< ezUInt8 >
oCezAssetFileHeaderSimple class to handle asset file headers (the very first bytes in all transformed asset files)
oCezAtomicInteger< T >Integer class that can be manipulated in an atomic (i.e. thread-safe) fashion
oCezAtomicInteger< ezInt32 >
oCezAtomicInteger< ezInt64 >
oCezAtomicUtilsThis class provides functions to do atomic operations
oCezBitfield< Container >A template interface, that turns any array class into a bitfield
oCezBitfield< ezDynamicArray< ezUInt32 > >
oCezBitflags< T >The ezBitflags class allows you to work with type-safe bitflags
oCezBitflags< ezCVarFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezGALDX11::DeferredStateChanged >
oCezBitflags< ezGALGL::DeferredStateChanged >
oCezBitflags< ezImageConversionFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezInputSlotFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezObjectFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezPropertyFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezRenderContextFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezResourceFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezShaderBindFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezTransformComponentFlags >
oCezBitflags< ezTypeFlags >
oCezBitflagsBaseDummy type to pass to templates and macros that expect a base type for an bitflags class
oCezBlockStorage< T, BlockSizeInByte, CompactStorage >
oCezBlockStorage< ComponentType, ezInternal::DEFAULT_BLOCK_SIZE, CompactStorage >
oCezBlockStorage< ComponentType, ezInternal::DEFAULT_BLOCK_SIZE, false >
oCezBlockStorage< ezGameObject, ezInternal::DEFAULT_BLOCK_SIZE, true >
oCezBoundingBoxSphereTemplate< Type >A combination of a bounding box and a bounding sphere with the same center
oCezBoundingBoxSphereTemplate< float >
oCezBoundingBoxTemplate< Type >An axis-aligned bounding box implementation
oCezBoundingBoxTemplate< float >
oCezBoundingSphereTemplate< Type >An implementation of a bounding sphere
oCezCallbackResultEnum values for success and failure. To be used by functions as return values mostly, instead of bool
oCezCameraA camera class that stores the orientation and some basic camera settings
oCezClockA clock that can be speed up, slowed down, paused, etc. Useful for updating game logic, rendering, etc
oCezColorEzColor represents and RGBA color in linear color space. Values are stored as float, allowing HDR values and full precision color modifications
oCezColorLinear16fA 16bit per channel float color storage format
oCezColorUnsignedByteBaseBase class for ezColorLinearUB and ezColorGammaUB
oCezCommandLineUtilsThis is a helper class to parse command lines
oCezCompareHelper< T >A comparer object is used in sorting algorithms to compare to objects of the same type
oCezCompareHelper< const char * >
oCezCompareHelper< const ezRTTI * >
oCezCompareHelper< const void * >
oCezCompareHelper< ezDataTransfer * >
oCezCompareHelper< ezDynamicTree::ezMultiMapKey >
oCezCompareHelper< ezHashedString >
oCezCompareHelper< ezHybridString >
oCezCompareHelper< ezRenderContext::ShaderVertexDecl >
oCezCompareHelper< ezStreamReaderBase * >
oCezCompareHelper< ezStreamWriterBase * >
oCezCompareHelper< ezString >
oCezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 >
oCezCompareHelper< ezUInt64 >
oCezCompareHelper< ezUuid >
oCezCompareString_NoCase< T >
oCezComponentHandleA handle to a component
oCezComponentManagerBaseBase class for all component managers. Do not derive directly from this class, but derive from ezComponentManager instead
oCezConditionalLock< T >Manages a lock (e.g. a mutex) and ensures that it is properly released as the lock object goes out of scope. The lock/unlock will only be done if the boolean condition is satisfied at scope creation time
oCezConsoleA Quake-style console is for in-game configuration of ezCVar and ezConsoleFunction
oCezContainerSubTypeResolver< CONTAINER >Template that allows to probe a container for its element type
oCezContainerSubTypeResolver< ezArrayPtr< T > >
oCezContainerSubTypeResolver< ezDeque< T > >
oCezContainerSubTypeResolver< ezDynamicArray< T > >
oCezContainerSubTypeResolver< ezHybridArray< T, Size > >
oCezContainerSubTypeResolver< ezSet< T > >
oCezConversionTest< From, To >Static Conversion Test
oCezConversionTest< T, T >Specialization for above Type
oCezCVarFlagsThe flags that can be used on an ezCVar
oCezCVarTypeDescribes of which type a CVar is. Use that info to cast an ezCVar* to the proper derived class
oCezCVarValueEach CVar stores several values internally. The 'Current' value is the most important one
oCezDataBlock< T, SizeInBytes >This struct represents a block of type T, typically 4kb
oCezDataBlock< ComponentType, BlockSizeInByte >
oCezDataBlock< ezGameObject, BlockSizeInByte >
oCezDataBlock< T, BlockSizeInByte >
oCezDataDirectoryReaderWriterBaseThis is the base class for all data directory readers/writers
oCezDataDirectoryTypeThe base class for all data directory types
oCezDataTransferA 'data transfer' is a blob of data that an application can send to connected tools such as ezInspector upon request
oCezDataTransferObjectA small wrapper class around an ezTelemetryMessage for sending a 'data transfer'. See ezDataTransfer for more details
oCezDateTimeCan be used to convert ezTimestamp into a human readable form
oCezDelegateBaseBase class for ezDelegate
oCezDependencyFileThis class represents a set of files of which one wants to know when any one of them changes
oCezDequeBase< T, Construct >A double ended queue container
oCezDequeBase< const ezDeque *, true >
oCezDequeBase< const ezRTTI *, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezArchiveReader::ObjectMapping, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezArchiveWriter::Temp, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezConsole::ConsoleString, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezGameObjectHandle, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezGeometry::Line, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezGeometry::Polygon, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezGeometry::Vertex, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezGridNavmesh::AreaEdge, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezHybridString, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezInt64, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezListBase::ListElement, Construct >
oCezDequeBase< ezMapBase::Node, Construct >
oCezDequeBase< ezMessageQueueBase::Entry, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezOBJLoader::Face, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezPreprocessor::CustomDefine, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezPreprocessor::CustomToken, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezPreprocessor::FileData, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezPreprocessor::IfDefState, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezReflectedClass *, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezResourceManager::LoadingInfo, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezSetBase::Node, Construct >
oCezDequeBase< ezTaskGroup, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezTelemetryMessage, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezToken, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezUInt8, true >
oCezDequeBase< ezVec3Template, true >
oCezDirectoryWatcherWatches file actions in a directory. Changes need to be polled
oCezDynamicOctreeA loose Octree implementation that is very lightweight on RAM
oCezDynamicQuadtreeA loose Quadtree implementation that is very lightweight on RAM
oCezEndianHelperCollection of helper methods when working with endianess "problems"
oCezEnumBaseDummy type to pass to templates and macros that expect a base type for an enum class
oCezEventBase< EventData, MutexType >This class allows to propagate events to code that might be interested in them
oCezEventBase< const ezCVar::CVarEvent &, ezNoMutex >
oCezEventBase< const ezFileSystem::FileEvent &, ezNoMutex >
oCezEventBase< const ezPlugin::PluginEvent &, ezNoMutex >
oCezEventBase< const ezPreprocessor::ProcessingEvent &, ezNoMutex >
oCezEventBase< const ezResourceManager::ManagerEvent &, ezNoMutex >
oCezEventBase< const ezResourceManager::ResourceEvent &, ezNoMutex >
oCezEventBase< ezConsole::ConsoleEvent &, ezNoMutex >
oCezFileModeDefines in which mode to open a file
oCezFilePosFor file seek operations this enum defines from which relative position the seek position is described
oCezFileStatsHolds the stats for a file
oCezFileSystemThe ezFileSystem provides high-level functionality to manage files in a virtual file system
oCezFileSystemIteratorAn ezFileSystemIterator allows to iterate over all files in a certain directory
oCezFixedPoint< DecimalBits >Implements fixed point arithmetic for fractional values
oCezFloat16A 16 bit IEEE float class. Often called "half"
oCezFrameAllocatorA double buffered stack allocator
oCezFrustumRepresents the frustum of some camera and can be used for culling objects
oCezGALCullModeDefines which sides of a polygon gets culled by the graphics card
oCezGALDeviceThe ezRenderDevice class is the primary interface for interactions with rendering APIs It contains a set of (non-virtual) functions to set state, create resources etc. which rely on API specific implementations provided by protected virtual functions. Redundant state changes are prevented at the platform independent level in the non-virtual functions
oCezGALDeviceCapabilitiesThis struct holds information about the rendering device capabilities (e.g. what shader stages are supported and more) To get the device capabilities you need to call the GetCapabilities() function on an ezGALDevice object
oCezGALFormatLookupEntry< NativeFormatType, InvalidFormat >
oCezGALFormatLookupTable< FormatClass >
oCezGALFormatLookupTable< ezGALFormatLookupEntryDX11 >
oCezGALFormatLookupTable< ezGALFormatLookupEntryGL >
oCezGameGrid< CellData >EzGameGrid is a general purpose 2D grid structure that has several convenience functions which are often required when working with a grid
oCezGameGrid< ezInt32 >
oCezGameObjectThis class represents an object inside the world
oCezGameObjectDescDescribes the initial state of a game object
oCezGameObjectHandleA handle to a game object
oCezGameObjectIdInternal game object id used by ezGameObjectHandle
oCezGenericId< InstanceIndexBits, GenerationBits >A generic id class that holds an id combined of an instance index and a generation counter
oCezGenericId< 24, 8 >
oCezGeometryProvides functions to generate standard geometric shapes, such as boxes, spheres, cylinders, etc
oCezGPUResourcePoolThis class serves as a pool for GPU related resources (e.g. buffers and textures required for rendering). Note that the functions creating and returning render targets are thread safe (by using a mutex)
oCezGridNavmeshTakes an ezGameGrid and creates an optimized navmesh structure from it, that is more efficient for path searches
oCezHashableStruct< DERIVED >This class provides a base class for hashable structs (e.g. descriptor objects)
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALBlendStateCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALBufferCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALDepthStencilStateCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALRasterizerStateCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALRenderTargetBlendDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALRenderTargetViewCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALResourceViewCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALSamplerStateCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALShaderCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALStencilOpDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALSwapChainCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALTextureCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezGALVertexDeclarationCreationDescription >
oCezHashableStruct< ezVertexStreamInfo >
oCezHashedStringThis class is optimized to take nearly no memory (sizeof(void*)) and to allow very fast checks whether two strings are identical
oCezHashHelper< T >Helper struct to calculate the Hash of different types
oCezHashHelper< const char * >
oCezHashHelper< ezHashedString >
oCezHashHelper< ezInt32 >
oCezHashHelper< ezInt64 >
oCezHashHelper< ezTempHashedString >
oCezHashHelper< ezUInt32 >
oCezHashHelper< ezUInt64 >
oCezHashHelper< ezUuid >
oCezHashHelper< T * >
oCez::Foundation::Algorithm::Hashing::ezHashingThis class provides implementations of different hashing algorithms
oCezHashingThis class provides implementations of different hashing algorithms
oCezHashTableBase< KeyType, ValueType, Hasher >Implementation of a hashtable which stores key/value pairs
oCezHashTableBase< const ezRTTI *, ezUInt32, ezHashHelper< const ezRTTI * > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezHashedString, const ezNodePin *, ezHashHelper< ezHashedString > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezInt64, PathStateType, ezHashHelper< ezInt64 > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezString, ezVariant, ezHashHelper< ezString > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezTempHashedString, ezResourceBase *, ezHashHelper< ezTempHashedString > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezUInt32, bool, ezHashHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezUInt32, ezResourceHandle< class ezConstantBufferResource >, ezHashHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezUInt32, ezResourceHandle< class ezTextureResource >, ezHashHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezUInt32, ezResourceManager::ResourceCategory, ezHashHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezHashTableBase< ezUuid, ezRttiConverterObject, ezHashHelper< ezUuid > >
oCezHashTableBase< void *, ezUInt32, ezHashHelper< void * > >
oCezHashTableBase< void *, ezUuid, ezHashHelper< void * > >
oCezMemoryPolicies::ezHeapAllocationDefault heap memory allocation policy
oCezIdTableBase< IdType, ValueType >Implementation of an id mapping table which stores id/value pairs
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALBlendStateHandle::IdType, ezGALBlendState * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALBufferHandle::IdType, ezGALBuffer * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALDepthStencilStateHandle::IdType, ezGALDepthStencilState * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALFenceHandle::IdType, ezGALFence * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALQueryHandle::IdType, ezGALQuery * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALRasterizerStateHandle::IdType, ezGALRasterizerState * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALRenderTargetViewHandle::IdType, ezGALRenderTargetView * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALResourceViewHandle::IdType, ezGALResourceView * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALSamplerStateHandle::IdType, ezGALSamplerState * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALShaderHandle::IdType, ezGALShader * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALSwapChainHandle::IdType, ezGALSwapChain * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALTextureHandle::IdType, ezGALTexture * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGALVertexDeclarationHandle::IdType, ezGALVertexDeclaration * >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGameObjectId, ezBlockStorage::Entry >
oCezIdTableBase< ezGenericId< 24, 8 >, ComponentStorageEntry >
oCezImageFormatEnum describing the encoding format of the pixels of an image
oCezImageFormatMappingsHelper class containing methods to convert between ezImageFormat::Enum and platform-specific image formats
oCezImageFormatTypeEnum describing the type of an image format
oCezImageHeaderA class containing image meta data, such as format and dimensions
oCezInputActionConfigA struct that defines how to register an input action
oCezInputManagerThe central class to set up and query the state of all input
oCezInputManager::ezInputSlotStores the current state for one input slot
oCezInputSlotFlagsThese flags are specified when registering an input slot (by a device), to define some capabilities and restrictions of the hardware
oCezInt64DoubleUnionSimple helper union to store ints and doubles to modify their bit patterns
oCezIntFloatUnionSimple helper union to store ints and floats to modify their bit patterns
oCezIsPointer< T >Determines whether a type is a pointer
oCezIsPointer< T * >
oCezJSONParserA low level JSON parser that can incrementally parse the structure of a JSON document
oCezJSONWriterThe base class for JSON writers
oCezKeyStateThis struct defines the different states a key can be in. All keys always go through the states 'Pressed' and 'Released', even if they are active for only one frame. A key is 'Down' when it is pressed for at least two frames. It is 'Up' when it is not pressed for at least two frames
oCezLargeBlockAllocator< BlockSizeInByte >A block allocator which can only allocates blocks of memory at once
oCezLargeBlockAllocator< DEFAULT_BLOCK_SIZE >
oCezListBase< T >A List-class, similar to STL::list
oCezListBase< ezTaskSystem::TaskData >
oCezLock< T >Manages a lock (e.g. a mutex) and ensures that it is properly released as the lock object goes out of scope
oCezLogStatic class that allows to write out logging information
oCezLogBlockInsert this line of code into a cpp file to enable VerboseDebugMessage calls. #define VerboseDebugMessage Debug
oCezLoggingEventDataThe data that is sent through ezLogInterface
oCezLogInterfaceBase class for all logging classes
oCezLogMsgTypeDescribes the types of events that ezLog sends
oCezMakeDelegateHelper< T >
oCezMakeDelegateHelper< R(Class::*)(EZ_LIST(ARG, ARG_COUNT)) >
oCezMakeDelegateHelper< R(Class::*)(EZ_LIST(ARG, ARG_COUNT)) const >
oCezMapBase< KeyType, ValueType, Comparer >An associative container. Similar to STL::map
oCezMapBase< const char *, ezAbstractObjectNode *, ezCompareHelper< const char * > >
oCezMapBase< const ezRTTI *, ezArchiveSerializer *, ezCompareHelper< const ezRTTI * > >
oCezMapBase< const ezRTTI *, ezArchiveWriter::TypeInfo, ezCompareHelper< const ezRTTI * > >
oCezMapBase< const ezRTTI *, ezUInt32, ezCompareHelper< const ezRTTI * > >
oCezMapBase< const void *, ezUInt32, ezCompareHelper< const void * > >
oCezMapBase< ezDynamicTree::ezMultiMapKey, ezDynamicTree::ezObjectData, ezCompareHelper< ezDynamicTree::ezMultiMapKey > >
oCezMapBase< ezHashedString, ezTag, ezCompareHelper< ezHashedString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, ezDependencyFile::FileCheckCache, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, ezHybridString, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, ezMemoryStreamStorage, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, ezOBJLoader::Material, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, ezPreprocessor::MacroDefinition, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, ezResourceTypeLoader *, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, ezSet< ezHybridString >, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, ezTokenizedFileCache::FileData, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezHybridString, float, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezMapBase< ezRenderContext::ShaderVertexDecl, ezGALVertexDeclarationHandle, ezCompareHelper< ezRenderContext::ShaderVertexDecl > >
oCezMapBase< ezStreamReaderBase *, DERIVED *, ezCompareHelper< ezStreamReaderBase * > >
oCezMapBase< ezStreamWriterBase *, DERIVED *, ezCompareHelper< ezStreamWriterBase * > >
oCezMapBase< ezString, ezActionMap, ezCompareHelper< ezString > >
oCezMapBase< ezString, ezInputSlot, ezCompareHelper< ezString > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezGALBlendStateHandle, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezGALDepthStencilStateHandle, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezGALRasterizerStateHandle, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezGALRenderTargetViewHandle, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezGALResourceViewHandle, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezGALSamplerStateHandle, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezGALVertexDeclarationHandle, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezPermutationGenerator, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezShaderMaterialParamCB, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt32, ezShaderStageBinary, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt32 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUInt64, ezTelemetry::MessageQueue, ezCompareHelper< ezUInt64 > >
oCezMapBase< ezUuid, ezAbstractObjectNode *, ezCompareHelper< ezUuid > >
oCezMat3Template< Type >A 3x3 component matrix class
oCezMat3Template< float >
oCezMat4Template< Type >A 4x4 component matrix class
oCezMat4Template< float >
oCezMatrixLayoutEnum to describe which memory layout is used to store a matrix in a float array
oCezMemberFunctionParameterTypeResolver< FUNC >Template that allows to probe a single parameter function for parameter and return type
oCezMemberFunctionParameterTypeResolver< R(Class::*)(P) >
oCezMemoryTrackerMemory tracker which keeps track of all allocations and constructions
oCezMemoryUtilsThis class provides functions to work on raw memory
oCezMessageBase class for all message types. Each message type has it's own id which is used to dispatch messages efficiently
oCezMessageQueueBase< MetaDataType >Implementation of a message queue on top of a deque
oCezMessageQueueBase< QueuedMsgMetaData >
oCezMutexProvides a simple mechanism for mutual exclusion to prevent multiple threads from accessing a shared resource simultaneously
oCezNoBaseDummy type to pass to templates and macros that expect a base type for a class that has no base
oCezNoMutexA dummy mutex that does no locking
oCezObjectFlagsInternal flags of game objects or components
oCezObjectMsgQueueTypeSpecifies at which phase the queued message should be processed
oCezObjectMsgRoutingDifferent options for routing a message through the game object graph
oCezObjectSelectionStores a list of game objects as a 'selection'. Provides some common convenience functions for working with selections
oCezOBJLoaderA loader class for OBJ/MTL files
oCezOnTaskRunningEnum that describes what to do when waiting for or canceling tasks, that have already started execution
oCezOSFileThis is an abstraction for the most important file operations
oCezOSThreadImplementation of a thread
oCezPageAllocatorThis helper class can reserve and allocate whole memory pages
oCezPathSearch< PathStateType >Implements a directed breadth-first search through a graph (A*)
oCezPathStateBaseBase class for all path finding state objects
oCezPathStateGenerator< PathStateType >The base class for all path state generates
oCezPathUtilsContains Helper functions to work with paths
oCezPlaneTemplate< Type >A class that represents a mathematical plane
oCezPlaneTemplate< float >
oCezPositionOnPlaneDescribes on which side of a plane a point or an object is located
oCezPreprocessorEzPreprocessor implements a standard C preprocessor. It can be used to preprocess files to get the output after macro expansion and #ifdef handling
oCezProfilingIdSmall helper class to represent a profiling id
oCezProfilingScopeThis class encapsulates a profiling scope
oCezProfilingSystemHelper functionality of the profiling system
oCezProjectionDepthRangeThis enum describes for which depth range a projection matrix is constructed
oCezPropertyAccessor< Class, Type, Member >[internal] Helper class to generate accessor functions for (private) members of another class
oCezPropertyCategoryDescribes what category a property belongs to
oCezPropertyFlagsFlags used to describe a property and its type
oCezMemoryPolicies::ezProxyAllocationThis Allocation policy redirects all operations to its parent
oCezQuatTemplate< Type >Quaternions can be used to represent rotations in 3D space
oCezQuatTemplate< float >
oCezRasterizationResultEnum values for the result of some rasterization functions
oCezRectTemplate< Type >A simple rectangle class templated on the type for x, y and width, height
oCezRectTemplate< ezUInt16 >
oCezRectTemplate< ezUInt32 >
oCezRectTemplate< float >
oCezRefCountedBase class for reference counted objects
oCezReflectionUtilsHelper functions for handling reflection related operations
oCezResourceFlagsThe flags of an ezResourceBase instance
oCezResourceHandle< ResourceType >The ezResourceHandle controls access to an ezResource
oCezResourceHandle< class ezConstantBufferResource >
oCezResourceHandle< class ezMaterialResource >
oCezResourceHandle< class ezMeshBufferResource >
oCezResourceHandle< class ezShaderPermutationResource >
oCezResourceHandle< class ezShaderResource >
oCezResourceHandle< class ezTextureResource >
oCezResourceHandle< ezConstantBufferResource >
oCezResourceHandle< ezMaterialResource >
oCezResourceHandle< ezMeshBufferResource >
oCezResourceHandle< ezMeshResource >
oCezResourceHandle< ezShaderPermutationResource >
oCezResourceHandle< ezShaderResource >
oCezResourceHandle< ezTextureResource >
oCezResourceHandle< SELF >
oCezResourceLoadDataData returned by ezResourceTypeLoader implementations
oCezResourceLoadDescDescribes in which loading state a resource currently is, and how many different quality levels there are
oCezResourceLock< RESOURCE_TYPE >Helper class to acquire and release a resource safely
oCezResourceTypeLoaderBase class for all resource loaders
oCezResultDefault enum for returning failure or success, instead of using a bool
oCezRTTIAllocatorThe interface for an allocator that creates instances of reflected types
oCezScopedRefPointer< T >Stores a pointer to a reference counted object and automatically increases / decreases the reference count
oCezScopedRefPointer< ezGALShaderByteCode >
oCezScopedRefPointer< ezMemoryStreamStorage >
oCezSerializationContext< DERIVED >A serialization context is used to (de-)serialize special types that require more complex logic than just moving a few bytes
oCezSetBase< KeyType, Comparer >A set container that only stores whether an element resides in it or not. Similar to STL::set
oCezSetBase< const void *, ezCompareHelper< const void * > >
oCezSetBase< ezDataTransfer *, ezCompareHelper< ezDataTransfer * > >
oCezSetBase< ezHybridString, ezCompareHelper< ezHybridString > >
oCezSetBase< ezUuid, ezCompareHelper< ezUuid > >
oCezSetPropertyAccessor< Class, Container, Member >
oCezSizeTemplate< Type >A simple size class templated on the type for width and height
oCezSizeTemplate< ezUInt32 >
oCezSizeToType< SizeInByte >Helper struct to get a storage type from a size in byte
oCezSizeToType< STORAGE_SIZE >
oCezSortingThis class provides implementations of different sorting algorithms
oCezMemoryPolicies::ezStackAllocationThis allocation policy works like a stack. You can only "push" and "pop" allocations in the correct order
oCezStackTracerHelper class to capture the current stack and print a captured stack
oCezStartupThe startup system makes sure to initialize and shut down all known subsystems in the proper order
oCezStartupStageDescribes the different stages during startup and shutdown
oCezStaticRingBuffer< T, Capacity >A ring-buffer container that will use a static array of a given capacity to cycle through elements
oCezStaticRingBuffer< ezTime, 11 >
oCezInternal::ezStaticRTTI< T >[internal] Helper struct for accessing static RTTI data
oCezInternal::ezStaticRTTI< ezNoBase >
oCezStatsThis class holds a simple map that maps strings (keys) to strings (values), which represent certain stats
oCezStopwatchA helper class to time the execution of code or other actions
oCezStreamReaderBaseInterface for binary in (read) streams
oCezStreamWriterBaseInterface for binary out (write) streams
oCezStringIterator< STRING >STL forward iterator used by all string classes. Iterates over unicode characters. The iterator starts at the first character of the string and ends at the address beyond the last character of the string
oCezStringReverseIterator< STRING >STL reverse iterator used by all string classes. Iterates over unicode characters. The iterator starts at the last character of the string and ends at the address before the first character of the string
oCezStringUtf16A very simple class to convert text to Utf16 encoding
oCezStringUtf32This class only exists for completeness
oCezStringUtf8A small string class that converts any other encoding to Utf8
oCezStringUtilsHelper functions to work with UTF-8 strings (which include pure ASCII strings)
oCezStringWCharA very simple string class that should only be used to temporarily convert text to the OSes native wchar_t convention (16 or 32 Bit)
oCezSystemInformationThe system configuration class encapsulates information about the system the application is running on
oCezTagThe tag class stores the necessary lookup information for a single tag which can be used in conjunction with the tag set
oCezTagRegistryThe tag registry for tags in tag sets
oCezTagSetTemplate< BlockStorageAllocator >A dynamic collection of tags featuring fast lookups
oCezTaskDerive from this base class to implement custom tasks
oCezTaskGroupIDGiven out by ezTaskSystem::CreateTaskGroup to identify a task group
oCezTaskPriorityDescribes the priority with which to execute a task
oCezTaskSystemThis system allows to automatically distribute tasks onto a number of worker threads
oCezTempHashedStringA class to use together with ezHashedString for quick comparisons with temporary strings that need not be stored further
oCezTextureResourceDescriptorUse this descriptor in calls to ezResourceManager::CreateResource<ezTextureResource> to create textures from data in memory
oCezThisIsAStringBase class which marks a class as containing string data
oCezThreadLocalPointer< T >Template class to interact with thread local variables
oCezThreadLocalPointer< ezAllocatorBase >
oCezThreadLocalPointer< ezGlobalLog >
oCezThreadLocalPointer< ezLogInterface >
oCezThreadLocalStorageCollection of basic methods for interaction with thread local storage
oCezThreadUtilsContains general thread functions
oCezTimeThe time class encapsulates a double value storing the time in seconds
oCezTimestampThe timestamp class encapsulates a date in time as microseconds since Unix epoch
oCezTimeStepSmoothingBase class for all time step smoothing algorithms
oCezTokenRepresents one piece of tokenized text in a document
oCezTokenizedFileCacheThis object caches files in a tokenized state. It can be shared among ezPreprocessor instances to improve performance when they access the same files
oCezTokenizerTakes text and splits it up into ezToken objects. The result can be used for easier parsing
oCezTokenTypeDescribes which kind of token an ezToken is
oCezTraitInt< v >Type traits
oCezTraitInt< (sizeof(*((T *) 0)%*((const ezTypeIsMemRelocatable *) 0))==sizeof(ezCompileTimeTrueType))?2:ezIsPodType< T >::value >
oCezTraitInt< (T1::value==0||T2::value==0)?0:EZ_COMPILE_TIME_MAX(T1::value, T2::value) >
oCezTraitInt<(sizeof(*((T *) 0)%*((const ezTypeIsPod *) 0))==sizeof(ezCompileTimeTrueType))?1:0 >
oCezTransformTemplate< Type >A class that represents a complete position, rotation and scaling through an ezVec3Template<Type> and an ezMat3Template<Type>
oCezTransformTemplate< float >
oCezTypeFlagsFlags that describe a reflected type
oCezTypeTraits< T >
oCezUnicodeUtilsHelper functions to work with Unicode
oCezUniquePtr< T >A Unique ptr manages an object and destroys that object when it goes out of scope. It is ensure that only one unique ptr can manage the same object
oCezUniquePtr< ezCoordinateSystemProvider >
oCezUniquePtr< ezRenderer >
oCezUniquePtr< ezRenderPipeline >
oCezUniquePtr< ezRenderPipelinePass >
oCezUuidThis data type is the abstraction for 128-bit Uuid (also known as GUID) instances
oCezVariantEzVariant is a class that can store different types of variables, which is useful in situations where it is not clear up front, which type of data will be passed around
oCezVec2Template< Type >A 2-component vector class
oCezVec2Template< ezInt32 >
oCezVec2Template< float >
oCezVec3Template< Type >A 3-component vector class
oCezVec3Template< float >
oCezVec4Template< Type >A 4-component vector class
oCezViewDataHolds view data like the viewport, view and projection matrices
oCezVolumePositionEnum that describes where in a volume another object is located
oCezWindowBaseBase class of all window classes that have a client area and a native window handle
oCezWorldA world encapsulates a scene graph of game objects and various component managers and their components
oCezOBJLoader::FaceHolds all data about one face (ie. polygon, not only triangles)
oCezOBJLoader::FaceVertexStores the information for a vertex in a face
oCezFileSystem::FileEventThe event data that is broadcast by the ezFileSystem upon certain file operations
oCezFileSystem::FileEventTypeDescribes the type of events that are broadcast by the ezFileSystem
oCezGALContextGL::GLBufferBindingOpenGL buffer bindings. First elements are compatible with ezGALBufferType
oCezInternal::HashHelperImpl< T, isString >
oCezInternal::HashHelperImpl< T, true >
oCezLogWriter::HTMLA log writer that writes out log messages to an HTML file
oCezVirtualThumbStick::InputThis enum allows to select either some default input mapping or to select 'Custom'
oCezInputManager::InputEventDataThe data that is broadcast when certain events occur
oCezInputManager::InternalDataThe internal data of the ezInputManager. Not allocated until it is actually required
oCezSetBase< KeyType, Comparer >::IteratorBase class for all iterators
oCezGeometry::LineA line only references two vertices
oCezListBase< T >::ListElementBase
oCezOBJLoader::MaterialHolds the information about one Material
oCezInternal::MessageHandler< bIsConst >
oCezInternal::MessageHandler< true >
oCezInternal::MessageHandlerTraits< Class, MessageType >
oCezInputDeviceController::MotorDescribes which vibration motor to configure
oCezInternal::NewInstance< T >
oCezSetBase< KeyType, Comparer >::NilNodeOnly used by the sentinel node
oCezMapBase< KeyType, ValueType, Comparer >::NilNodeOnly used by the sentinel node
oCezVirtualThumbStick::OutputSpecifies which type of output the thumb-stick shall generate
oCezArrayMapBase< KEY, VALUE >::Pair
oCezPathSearch< PathStateType >::PathResultDataFindPath() and FindClosest() return an array of these objects as the path result
oCezPlugin::PluginEventThe data that is broadcast whenever a plugin is (un-) loaded
oCezGeometry::PolygonEach polygon has a face normal and a set of indices, which vertices it references
oCezPreprocessor::ProcessingEventThe event data that the processor broadcasts
oCezTypeTraits< T >::RemoveConst< U >
oCezTypeTraits< T >::RemoveConst< const U >
oCezTypeTraits< T >::RemovePointer< U >
oCezTypeTraits< T >::RemovePointer< U * >
oCezTypeTraits< T >::RemoveReference< U >
oCezTypeTraits< T >::RemoveReference< U & >
oCezArchiveReader::RttiDataThe RTTI data that is stored in the archive
oCezGALContextGL::ScopedBufferBindingBuffer binding that will reset itself when leaving the scope
oCezGALContextGL::ScopedTextureBindingTexture binding that will reset itself when leaving the scope
oCezStats::StatsEventDataThe event data that is broadcast whenever a stat is changed
oCezHashing::StringWrapperHelper struct to wrap a string pointer
oCezLargeBlockAllocator< BlockSizeInByte >::SuperBlock
oCezVariant::TypeThis enum describes the type of data that is currently stored inside the variant
oCezVariant::TypeDeduction< T >A helper struct to convert the C++ type, which is passed as the template argument, into one of the ezVariant::Type enum values
oCezComponentManagerBase::UpdateFunctionDescDescription of an update function that can be registered at the world
oCezUnicodeUtils::UtfInserter< IntType, Container >[internal] Small helper class to append bytes to some arbitrary container. Used for Utf8 string building
oCezGeometry::VertexThe data that is stored per vertex
oCezLogWriter::VisualStudioA simple log writer that outputs all log messages to visual studios output window
oCezDirectoryWatcher::WatchWhat to watch out for