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ezStringUtf32 Class Reference

This class only exists for completeness. More...

#include <StringConversion.h>

Public Member Functions

 ezStringUtf32 (ezAllocatorBase *pAllocator=ezFoundation::GetDefaultAllocator())
 ezStringUtf32 (const char *szUtf8, ezAllocatorBase *pAllocator=ezFoundation::GetDefaultAllocator())
 ezStringUtf32 (const ezUInt16 *szUtf16, ezAllocatorBase *pAllocator=ezFoundation::GetDefaultAllocator())
 ezStringUtf32 (const ezUInt32 *szUtf32, ezAllocatorBase *pAllocator=ezFoundation::GetDefaultAllocator())
 ezStringUtf32 (const wchar_t *szUtf32, ezAllocatorBase *pAllocator=ezFoundation::GetDefaultAllocator())
void operator= (const char *szUtf8)
void operator= (const ezUInt16 *szUtf16)
void operator= (const ezUInt32 *szUtf32)
void operator= (const wchar_t *szUtf32)
const ezUInt32 * GetData () const
ezUInt32 GetElementCount () const

Private Member Functions


Private Attributes

ezHybridArray< ezUInt32,
BufferSize > 

Static Private Attributes

static const ezUInt32 BufferSize = 1024

Detailed Description

This class only exists for completeness.

There should be no case where it is preferred over other classes.

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