ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezResourceFlags Struct Reference

The flags of an ezResourceBase instance. More...

#include <Declarations.h>


struct  Bits

Public Types

enum  Enum {
  UpdateOnMainThread = EZ_BIT(0), NoFileAccessRequired = EZ_BIT(1), ResourceHasFallback = EZ_BIT(2), IsReloadable = EZ_BIT(3),
  IsPreloading = EZ_BIT(4), Default = 0
 The flags of an ezResourceBase instance. More...
typedef ezUInt16 StorageType

Detailed Description

The flags of an ezResourceBase instance.

Class Documentation

struct ezResourceFlags::Bits
Class Members
StorageType IsPreloading: 1
StorageType IsReloadable: 1
StorageType NoFileAccessRequired: 1
StorageType ResourceHasFallback: 1
StorageType UpdateOnMainThread: 1

Member Enumeration Documentation

The flags of an ezResourceBase instance.


After loading the resource data on a thread, it must be uploaded on the main thread. Use this for GPU resources etc. which require a context that is only available on the main thread.


The resource 'loading' does not require file accesses and can therefore be done on one or several non-file-loading threads. Use this for procedurally generated data.


Specifies whether this resource has a valid fallback resource that could be used. Automatically updated in ezResource::SetFallbackResource.

implement NoFileAccessRequired

The resource was created, not loaded from file.

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