ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezTagSetTemplate< BlockStorageAllocator > Class Template Reference

A dynamic collection of tags featuring fast lookups. More...

#include <TagSet.h>

Public Member Functions

EZ_FORCE_INLINE void Set (const ezTag &Tag)
 Adds the given tag to the set.
EZ_FORCE_INLINE void Clear (const ezTag &Tag)
 Removes the given tag.
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool IsSet (const ezTag &Tag) const
 Returns true, if the given tag is in the set.
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool IsAnySet (const ezTagSetTemplate &OtherSet) const
 Returns true if this tag set contains any tag set in the given other tag set.
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool IsEmpty () const

Private Member Functions

EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool IsTagInAllocatedRange (const ezTag &Tag) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE void Reallocate (ezUInt32 uiNewTagBlockStart, ezUInt32 uiNewMaxBlockIndex)

Private Attributes

< ezTagSetBlockStorage,
1, BlockStorageAllocator > 
ezUInt32 m_uiTagBlockStart

Detailed Description

template<typename BlockStorageAllocator = ezDefaultAllocatorWrapper>
class ezTagSetTemplate< BlockStorageAllocator >

A dynamic collection of tags featuring fast lookups.

This class can be used to store a (dynamic) collection of tags. Tags are registered within the global tag registry and allocated a bit index. The tag set allows comparatively fast lookups to check if a given tag is in the set or not. Adding a tag may have some overhead depending whether the block storage for the tag bit indices needs to be expanded or not (if the storage needs to be expanded the hybrid array will be resized). Typical storage requirements for a given tag set instance should be small since the block storage is a sliding window. The standard class which can be used is ezTagSet, usage of ezTagSetTemplate is only necessary if the allocator needs to be overridden.

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