ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezAbstractObjectNode Class Reference


struct  Property

Public Member Functions

const ezHybridArray< Property, 16 > & GetProperties () const
void AddProperty (const char *szName, const ezVariant &value)
void RemoveProperty (const char *szName)
void ChangeProperty (const char *szName, const ezVariant &value)
const ezUuidGetGuid () const
const char * GetType () const
const PropertyFindProperty (const char *szName) const
const char * GetNodeName () const

Private Attributes

ezUuid m_Guid
const char * m_szType
const char * m_szNodeName
ezHybridArray< Property, 16 > m_Properties


class ezAbstractObjectGraph

Class Documentation

struct ezAbstractObjectNode::Property
Class Members
const char * m_szPropertyName
ezVariant m_Value

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