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ezGALSwapChain Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

ezGALTextureHandle GetBackBufferTexture () const
 Returns a handle to the back buffer texture. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezGALObject< ezGALSwapChainCreationDescription >
 ezGALObject (const ezGALSwapChainCreationDescription &Description)
EZ_ALWAYS_INLINE const ezGALSwapChainCreationDescriptionGetDescription () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezRefCounted
 ezRefCounted ()
 ezRefCounted (const ezRefCounted &rhs)
void operator= (const ezRefCounted &rhs)
ezInt32 AddRef () const
 Increments the reference counter. Returns the new reference count.
ezInt32 ReleaseRef () const
 Decrements the reference counter. Returns the new reference count.
bool IsReferenced () const
 Returns true if the reference count is greater than 0, false otherwise.
ezInt32 GetRefCount () const
 Returns the current reference count.

Protected Member Functions

 ezGALSwapChain (const ezGALSwapChainCreationDescription &Description)
virtual ezResult InitPlatform (ezGALDevice *pDevice)=0
virtual ezResult DeInitPlatform (ezGALDevice *pDevice)

Protected Attributes

ezGALTextureHandle m_hBackBufferTexture
- Protected Attributes inherited from ezGALObject< ezGALSwapChainCreationDescription >
const ezGALSwapChainCreationDescription m_Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBackBufferTexture()

ezGALTextureHandle ezGALSwapChain::GetBackBufferTexture ( ) const

Returns a handle to the back buffer texture.

Some RenderSystems do not support reading the swap chain's back buffer texture. Those will return an invalid handle.

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