ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezImageUtils Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void ComputeImageDifferenceABS (const ezImage &ImageA, const ezImage &ImageB, ezImage &out_Difference)
 Returns the image with the difference (absolute values) between ImageA and ImageB.
static ezUInt32 ComputeMeanSquareError (const ezImage &DifferenceImage, ezUInt8 uiBlockSize, ezUInt32 offsetx, ezUInt32 offsety)
 Computes the mean square error for the block at (offsetx, offsety) to (offsetx + uiBlockSize, offsety + uiBlockSize). DifferenceImage is expected to be an image that represents the difference between two images.
static ezUInt32 ComputeMeanSquareError (const ezImage &DifferenceImage, ezUInt8 uiBlockSize)
 Computes the mean square error of DifferenceImage, by computing the mse for blocks of uiBlockSize and returning the maximum mse that was found.
static void CropImage (const ezImage &input, const ezVec2I32 &offset, const ezSizeU32 &newsize, ezImage &output)
 Returns the subimage of input that starts at offset and has the size newsize.
static void ScaleDownHalf (const ezImage &Image, ezImage &out_Result)

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