ezEngine  Milestone 9
ezConsole::ConsoleEvent Struct Reference

The event data that is broadcast by the console. More...

#include <Console.h>

Public Types

enum  EventType {
  BeforeProcessCommand, ProcessCommandSuccess, ProcessCommandFailure, StringAdded,

Public Attributes

EventType m_EventType
const char * m_szCommand
 The command the was or will be processed.
const ConsoleStringm_AddedpConsoleString
 The console string that was just added.
ezDeque< ezString > * m_pAutoCompleteOptions
 AutoComplete: The strings that might be used for auto-completion, the event handler may add additional suggestions to it.
ezDeque< ConsoleString > * m_pAutoCompleteDescriptions
 The descriptions of each auto-complete option, to be shown in the console.

Detailed Description

The event data that is broadcast by the console.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EventType


The console is about to process a command.


A command was successfully processed.


A command failed to be processed.


A string was added to the console.


The user tries to auto-complete the input.

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