ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezWindowCreationDesc Struct Reference

Public Attributes

ezVec2I32 m_WindowPosition
ezSizeU32 m_ClientAreaSize
ezHybridString< 64 > m_Title
ezUInt8 m_uiWindowNumber
 The number of the window. This is mostly used for setting up the input system, which then reports different mouse positions for each window.
bool m_bFullscreenWindow
bool m_bResizable
bool m_bWindowsUseDevmodeFullscreen

Member Data Documentation

bool ezWindowCreationDesc::m_bResizable

Enables window resizing by the user. Ignored for fullscreen windows.

bool ezWindowCreationDesc::m_bWindowsUseDevmodeFullscreen

Windows only - set to true if you want create a fullscreen window using the Windows device mode Does not work together with DirectX device settings

will be ignored if
m_bFullscreenWindow == false

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