ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezResourceManagerWorkerGPU Class Reference

[internal] Worker thread/task for loading into the GPU. More...

#include <ResourceManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for ezResourceManagerWorkerGPU:

Public Attributes

ezResourceLoadData m_LoaderData

Private Member Functions

virtual void Execute () override
 Override this to implement the task's supposed functionality.


class ezResourceManager

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ezTask
void SetTaskName (const char *szName)
 Changes the name of the task, which it will be displayed in profiling tools. More...
void SetOnTaskFinished (OnTaskFinished Callback)
 Sets an additional callback function to execute when the task is finished (or canceled). The most common use case for this is to deallocate the task at this time.
bool IsTaskFinished () const
 Returns whether the task has been finished. This includes being canceled. More...
bool HasBeenCanceled () const
 Can be used inside an overridden 'Execute' function to terminate execution prematurely.

Detailed Description

[internal] Worker thread/task for loading into the GPU.

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