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ezTaskWorkerThread Class Reference
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class ezTaskSystem

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- Public Types inherited from ezThread
enum  ezThreadStatus { Created = 0, Running, Finished }
 Describes the thread status.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezThread
 ezThread (const char *szName="ezThread", ezUInt32 uiStackSize=128 *1024)
 Initializes the runnable class.
virtual ~ezThread ()
 Destructor checks if the thread is deleted while still running, which is not allowed as this is a data hazard.
ezThreadStatus GetThreadStatus () const
 Returns the thread status.
bool IsRunning () const
 Helper function to determine if the thread is running.
const char * GetThreadName () const
 Returns the thread name.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezOSThread
 ezOSThread (ezOSThreadEntryPoint pThreadEntryPoint, void *pUserData=nullptr, const char *szName="ezOSThread", ezUInt32 uiStackSize=128 *1024)
 Initializes the thread instance (e.g. thread creation etc.) More...
virtual ~ezOSThread ()
void Start ()
 Starts the thread. More...
void Join ()
 Waits in the calling thread until the thread has finished execution (e.g. returned from the thread function) More...
const ezThreadID & GetThreadID () const
 Returns the thread ID of the thread object, may be used in comparison operations with ezThreadUtils::GetCurrentThreadID() for example.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ezOSThread
static ezInt32 GetThreadCount ()
 Returns how many ezOSThreads are currently active.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ezOSThread
ezThreadHandle m_Handle
ezThreadID m_ThreadID
ezOSThreadEntryPoint m_EntryPoint
void * m_pUserData
const char * m_szName
ezUInt32 m_uiStackSize

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