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ezMemberMapProperty< Class, Container, Type > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for ezMemberMapProperty< Class, Container, Type >:

Public Types

typedef ezTypeTraits< Type >::NonConstReferenceType RealType
typedef const Container &(* GetConstContainerFunc) (const Class *pInstance)
typedef Container &(* GetContainerFunc) (Class *pInstance)

Public Member Functions

 ezMemberMapProperty (const char *szPropertyName, GetConstContainerFunc constGetter, GetContainerFunc getter)
virtual bool IsEmpty (const void *pInstance) const override
 Returns whether the set is empty.
virtual void Clear (void *pInstance) override
 Clears the set.
virtual void Insert (void *pInstance, const char *szKey, const void *pObject) override
 Inserts the target of pObject into the set.
virtual void Remove (void *pInstance, const char *szKey) override
 Removes the target of pObject from the set.
virtual bool Contains (const void *pInstance, const char *szKey) const override
 Returns whether the target of pObject is in the set.
virtual bool GetValue (const void *pInstance, const char *szKey, void *pObject) const override
 Writes element at index uiIndex to the target of pObject.
virtual void GetKeys (const void *pInstance, ezHybridArray< ezString, 16 > &out_keys) const override
 Writes the content of the set to out_keys.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezTypedMapProperty< ezTypeTraits< Type >::NonConstReferenceType >
 ezTypedMapProperty (const char *szPropertyName)
virtual const ezRTTIGetSpecificType () const override
 Returns the type information of the constant property. Use this to cast this property to a specific version of ezTypedConstantProperty.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezAbstractMapProperty
 ezAbstractMapProperty (const char *szPropertyName)
 Passes the property name through to ezAbstractProperty.
virtual ezPropertyCategory::Enum GetCategory () const override
 Returns ezPropertyCategory::Map.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezAbstractProperty
 ezAbstractProperty (const char *szPropertyName)
 The constructor must get the name of the property. The string must be a compile-time constant.
const char * GetPropertyName () const
 Returns the name of the property.
const ezBitflags< ezPropertyFlags > & GetFlags () const
 Returns the flags of the property.
ezAbstractPropertyAddFlags (ezBitflags< ezPropertyFlags > flags)
 Adds flags to the property. Returns itself to allow to be called during initialization.
ezAbstractPropertyAddAttributes (ezPropertyAttribute *pAttrib1, ezPropertyAttribute *pAttrib2=nullptr, ezPropertyAttribute *pAttrib3=nullptr, ezPropertyAttribute *pAttrib4=nullptr, ezPropertyAttribute *pAttrib5=nullptr, ezPropertyAttribute *pAttrib6=nullptr)
 Adds attributes to the property. Returns itself to allow to be called during initialization. Allocate an attribute using standard 'new'.
const ezArrayPtr< ezPropertyAttribute *const > GetAttributes () const
 Returns the array of property attributes.
template<typename Type >
const Type * GetAttributeByType () const
 Returns the first attribute that derives from the given type, or nullptr if nothing is found.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ezAbstractProperty
ezBitflags< ezPropertyFlagsm_Flags
const char * m_szPropertyName
ezHybridArray< ezPropertyAttribute *, 2, ezStaticAllocatorWrapperm_Attributes

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