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iterator_base< ARRAY, T, reverse > Struct Template Reference

Non-const STL like iterators. More...

#include <ArrayIterator.h>

Inheritance diagram for iterator_base< ARRAY, T, reverse >:

Public Types

typedef T * pointer
typedef T & reference
- Public Types inherited from const_iterator_base< ARRAY, T, reverse >
typedef T value_type
typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type
typedef T const * pointer
typedef T const & reference

Public Member Functions

 iterator_base (ARRAY &deque, size_t index)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE iterator_baseoperator++ ()
EZ_FORCE_INLINE iterator_baseoperator-- ()
EZ_FORCE_INLINE iterator_base operator++ (int)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE iterator_base operator-- (int)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE iterator_base operator+ (ptrdiff_t rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE iterator_base operator- (ptrdiff_t rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE T & operator* ()
EZ_FORCE_INLINE T * operator-> ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from const_iterator_base< ARRAY, T, reverse >
 const_iterator_base (const ARRAY &deque, size_t index)
operator++ ()
operator-- ()
EZ_FORCE_INLINE const_iterator_base operator++ (int)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE const_iterator_base operator-- (int)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool operator== (const const_iterator_base &rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool operator!= (const const_iterator_base &rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE ptrdiff_t operator- (const const_iterator_base &rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE const_iterator_base operator+ (ptrdiff_t rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE const_iterator_base operator- (ptrdiff_t rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE void operator+= (ptrdiff_t rhs)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE void operator-= (ptrdiff_t rhs)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE const T & operator* () const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE const T * operator-> () const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool operator< (const const_iterator_base &rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool operator> (const const_iterator_base &rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool operator<= (const const_iterator_base &rhs) const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool operator>= (const const_iterator_base &rhs) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from const_iterator_base< ARRAY, T, reverse >
ARRAY * m_Array
size_t m_iIndex

Detailed Description

template<class ARRAY, class T, bool reverse = false>
struct iterator_base< ARRAY, T, reverse >

Non-const STL like iterators.

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