ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezRenderLoop Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static ezViewCreateView (const char *szName)
static void DeleteView (ezView *pView)
static void AddMainView (ezView *pView)
static void AddMainViews (const ezArrayPtr< ezView * > &views)
static void RemoveMainView (ezView *pView)
static void ClearMainViews ()
ezArrayPtr< ezView * > 
GetMainViews ()
static void AddViewToRender (ezView *pView)
static void ExtractMainViews ()
static void Render (ezRenderContext *pRenderContext)
static bool GetUseMultithreadedRendering ()
static void FinishFrame ()
static EZ_FORCE_INLINE ezUInt32 GetFrameCounter ()

Private Member Functions


Static Private Member Functions

static void OnEngineShutdown ()

Static Private Attributes

static ezUInt32 s_uiFrameCounter
static ezDynamicArray< ezView * > s_MainViews

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