ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezGALTextureCreationDescription Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for ezGALTextureCreationDescription:

Public Attributes

ezUInt32 m_uiWidth
ezUInt32 m_uiHeight
ezUInt32 m_uiDepth
ezUInt32 m_uiMipSliceCount
ezUInt32 m_uiArraySize
ezGALMSAASampleCount::Enum m_SampleCount
ezGALResourceFormat::Enum m_Format
ezGALTextureType::Enum m_Type
bool m_bAllowShaderResourceView
bool m_bAllowUAV
bool m_bCreateRenderTarget
bool m_bAllowDynamicMipGeneration
ezGALResourceAccess m_ResourceAccess
void * m_pExisitingNativeObject
 Can be used to encapsulate existing native textures in objects usable by the GAL.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ezHashableStruct< ezGALTextureCreationDescription >
EZ_FORCE_INLINE ezUInt32 CalculateHash () const
 Calculates the (CRC32) hash of the struct and returns it.

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