ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezRenderPipeline Class Reference


struct  PassData
struct  PassTypeData
struct  PipelineData

Public Member Functions

void ExtractData (const ezView &view)
void Render (ezRenderContext *pRenderer)
void AddPass (ezUniquePtr< ezRenderPipelinePass > &&pPass)
void RemovePass (ezUniquePtr< ezRenderPipelinePass > &&pPass)
void Connect (ezNode *pOutputNode, ezTempHashedString sOutputPinName, ezNode *pInputNode, ezTempHashedString sInputPinName)
void Rebuild ()
template<typename T >
T * CreateRenderData (ezRenderPassType passType, const ezGameObject *pOwner)
ezArrayPtr< const ezRenderData
*const > 
GetRenderDataWithPassType (ezRenderPassType passType) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ezRenderPassType FindOrRegisterPassType (const char *szPassTypeName)
static const char * GetPassTypeName (ezRenderPassType passType)
static ezProfilingIdGetPassTypeProfilingID (ezRenderPassType passType)

Private Types

enum  { MAX_PASS_TYPES = 32 }

Private Member Functions

PipelineDataGetPipelineDataForExtraction ()
PipelineDataGetPipelineDataForRendering ()
const PipelineDataGetPipelineDataForRendering () const

Static Private Member Functions

static void ClearPipelineData (PipelineData *pPipeLineData)
static bool IsPipelineDataEmpty (PipelineData *pPipeLineData)

Private Attributes

ezThreadID m_CurrentExtractThread
ezThreadID m_CurrentRenderThread
PipelineData m_Data [2]
ezProfilingId m_RenderProfilingID
ezUInt32 m_uiLastExtractionFrame
ezUInt32 m_uiLastRenderFrame
ezDynamicArray< ezUniquePtr
< ezRenderPipelinePass > > 

Static Private Attributes

static ezRenderPassType s_uiNextPassType = 0
static PassTypeData s_PassTypeData [MAX_PASS_TYPES]


class ezView

Class Documentation

struct ezRenderPipeline::PassTypeData
Class Members
ezProfilingId m_ProfilingID
ezHashedString m_sName
struct ezRenderPipeline::PipelineData
Class Members
ezCamera m_Camera
ezHybridArray< PassData, 8 > m_PassData
ezViewData m_ViewData

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T >
T * ezRenderPipeline::CreateRenderData ( ezRenderPassType  passType,
const ezGameObject pOwner 
implement sorting
void ezRenderPipeline::ExtractData ( const ezView view)
use spatial data to do visibility culling etc.

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