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ezMsgExtractRenderData Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 EZ_DECLARE_MESSAGE_TYPE (ezMsgExtractRenderData, ezMessage)
void AddRenderData (ezRenderData *pRenderData, ezRenderData::Category category, ezUInt32 uiSortingKey, ezRenderData::Caching::Enum cachingBehavior)
 Adds render data for the current view. This data can be cached depending on the specified caching behavior. Non-cached data is only valid for this frame. Cached data must be manually deleted using the ezRenderWorld::DeleteCachedRenderData function.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezMessage
virtual ezInt32 GetSortingKey () const
 Derived message types can override this method to influence sorting order. Smaller keys are processed first.
EZ_ALWAYS_INLINE ezMessageId GetId () const
 Returns the id for this message type.
EZ_ALWAYS_INLINE ezUInt16 GetSize () const
 Returns the size in byte of this message.
EZ_ALWAYS_INLINE ezUInt32 GetHash () const
 Calculates a hash of the message.
virtual void Serialize (ezStreamWriter &stream) const
 Implement this for efficient transmission across process boundaries (e.g. network transfer etc.) More...
virtual void Deserialize (ezStreamReader &stream, ezUInt8 uiTypeVersion)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezReflectedClass
virtual const ezRTTIGetDynamicRTTI () const
EZ_ALWAYS_INLINE bool IsInstanceOf (const ezRTTI *pType) const
 Returns whether the type of this instance is of the given type or derived from it.
template<typename T >
EZ_ALWAYS_INLINE bool IsInstanceOf () const
 Returns whether the type of this instance is of the given type or derived from it.

Public Attributes

const ezViewm_pView = nullptr
ezRenderData::Category m_OverrideCategory = ezInvalidRenderDataCategory


class ezExtractor

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ezMessage
static void PackageForTransfer (const ezMessage &msg, ezStreamWriter &stream)
 Writes msg to stream in such a way that ReplicatePackedMessage() can restore it even in another process. More...
static ezUniquePtr< ezMessageReplicatePackedMessage (ezStreamReader &stream)
 Restores a message that was written by PackageForTransfer() More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ezNoBase
static const ezRTTIGetStaticRTTI ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from ezMessage
static EZ_ALWAYS_INLINE ezMessageId GetNextMsgId ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from ezMessage
ezMessageId m_Id
ezUInt16 m_uiSize
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from ezMessage
static ezMessageId s_uiNextMsgId = 0

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