ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezGALRenderTargetBlendDescription Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for ezGALRenderTargetBlendDescription:

Public Attributes

ezGALBlend::Enum m_SourceBlend
ezGALBlend::Enum m_DestBlend
ezGALBlendOp::Enum m_BlendOp
ezGALBlend::Enum m_SourceBlendAlpha
ezGALBlend::Enum m_DestBlendAlpha
ezGALBlendOp::Enum m_BlendOpAlpha
ezUInt8 m_uiWriteMask
 Enables writes to color channels. Bit1 = Red Channel, Bit2 = Green Channel, Bit3 = Blue Channel, Bit4 = Alpha Channel, Bit 5-8 are unused.
bool m_bBlendingEnabled
 If enabled, the color will be blended into the render target. Otherwise it will overwrite the render target. Set m_uiWriteMask to 0 to disable all writes to the render target.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ezHashableStruct< ezGALRenderTargetBlendDescription >
EZ_FORCE_INLINE ezUInt32 CalculateHash () const
 Calculates the (CRC32) hash of the struct and returns it.

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