ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezCVarFlags Struct Reference

The flags that can be used on an ezCVar. More...

#include <CVar.h>


struct  Bits

Public Types

enum  Enum { None = 0, Save = EZ_BIT(0), RequiresRestart = EZ_BIT(1), Default = None }
typedef ezUInt8 StorageType

Detailed Description

The flags that can be used on an ezCVar.

Class Documentation

struct ezCVarFlags::Bits
Class Members
StorageType RequiresRestart: 1
StorageType Save: 1

Member Enumeration Documentation


If this flag is set, the CVar will be stored on disk and loaded again. Otherwise all changes to it will be lost on shutdown.


Indicates that changing this cvar will only take effect after the proper subsystem has been reinitialized. This will always enforce the 'Save' flag as well. With this flag set, the 'Current' value never changes, unless 'SetToRestartValue' is called.


By default CVars are not saved.

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