ezEngine  Milestone 9
About the ezEngine Project

The ezEngine project is a spare time project of a few guys from the games industry with the goal of having flexible, reusable and performant libraries built in a portable way for experimentation at home or for other projects. The main design choices were made for applications in the realtime space (e.g. games), however the libraries are meant to be flexible to use so they should be able to provide a benefit in many C++ applications.

To get informed about ezEngine news, follow us on Twitter: https://Twitter.com/ezEngineProject

The ezEngine source can also be found on GitHub. This may include changes that are not yet available through the latest package.

To contact us, send us a mail. You can find the contact on our website at ezEngine.net

If you find a bug, please send us repro steps, either via mail or through a ticket on GitHub, and we will look into it.