ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezRttiConverterContext Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual void * CreateObject (const ezUuid &guid, const ezRTTI *pRtti)
virtual void DeleteObject (const ezUuid &guid)
virtual void RegisterObject (const ezUuid &guid, const ezRTTI *pRtti, void *pObject)
virtual void UnregisterObject (const ezUuid &guid)
virtual ezRttiConverterObjectGetObjectByGUID (const ezUuid &guid) const
virtual ezUuid GetObjectGUID (const ezRTTI *pRtti, void *pObject) const
virtual ezUuid EnqueObject (const ezRTTI *pRtti, void *pObject)
virtual ezRttiConverterObjectDequeueObject ()

Private Attributes

ezHashTable< ezUuid,
ezHashTable< void *, ezUuidm_ObjectToGuid
ezSet< ezUuidm_QueuedObjects

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