ezEngine  Milestone 9

By default ez uses Assimp for asset import. This has some support for importing FBX files. For more extensive support, you can enable the use of the official FBX SDK.

The last tested FBX version is 2018.1.1

Download the SDK from Autodesk.com

  1. Download and install the FBX SDK.
  2. In CMake, enable EZ_BUILD_OFFICIAL_FBX_SDK.
  3. Run Configure
  4. Fill out EZ_FBXSDK_DIR to point to the directory where you installed the FBX SDK.
  5. Run Generate

Now in the solution the macro BUILDSYSTEM_BUILD_WITH_OFFICIAL_FBX_SDK should be defined and the ModelImporter library should make use of the official FBX SDK during asset import.