ezEngine  Milestone 7
GLXPbufferClobberEvent Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int event_type
int draw_type
unsigned long serial
Bool send_event
Display * display
GLXDrawable drawable
unsigned int buffer_mask
unsigned int aux_buffer
int x
int y
int width
int height
int count

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::aux_buffer
unsigned int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::buffer_mask
int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::count
Display* GLXPbufferClobberEvent::display
int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::draw_type
GLXDrawable GLXPbufferClobberEvent::drawable
int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::event_type
int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::height
Bool GLXPbufferClobberEvent::send_event
unsigned long GLXPbufferClobberEvent::serial
int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::width
int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::x
int GLXPbufferClobberEvent::y

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