ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezTagRegistry Class Reference

The tag registry for tags in tag sets. More...

#include <TagRegistry.h>

Public Member Functions

void RegisterTag (const char *szTagString, ezTag *ResultTag=nullptr)
void RegisterTag (const ezHashedString &TagString, ezTag *ResultTag=nullptr)
ezResult GetTag (const char *szTagString, ezTag &ResultTag)
ezResult GetTag (const ezHashedString &TagString, ezTag &ResultTag)

Static Public Member Functions

static ezTagRegistryGetGlobalRegistry ()

Protected Attributes

ezMutex m_TagRegistryMutex
ezMap< ezHashedString, ezTagm_RegisteredTags
ezUInt32 m_uiNextTagIndex

Detailed Description

The tag registry for tags in tag sets.

Normal usage of the tag registry is to get the global tag registry instance via ezTagRegistry::GetGlobalRegistry() and to use this instance to register and get tags. Certain special cases (e.g. tests) may actually need their own instance of the tag registry. Note however that tags which were registered with one registry shouldn't be used with tag sets filled with tags from another registry since there may be conflicting tag assignments. The tag registry registration and tag retrieval functions are thread safe due to a mutex.

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