ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezPermutationGenerator Class Reference


struct  PermutationVar

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
void AddPermutation (const char *szVariable, const char *szValue)
ezUInt32 GetPermutationCount () const
void GetPermutation (ezUInt32 uiPerm, ezHybridArray< PermutationVar, 16 > &out_PermVars) const
void RemoveVariable (const char *szVariable)
const ezMap< ezString, ezSet
< ezString > > & 
GetPermutationSet () const
void RemoveUnusedPermutations (const ezString &sUsedPermutations)
ezResult ReadFromFile (const char *szFile, const char *szPlatform)
bool IsValueAllowed (const char *szVariable, const char *szValue) const

Static Public Member Functions

static ezUInt32 GetHash (const ezHybridArray< PermutationVar, 16 > &PermVars)

Static Private Member Functions

static int LUAFUNC_add (lua_State *state)

Private Attributes

ezMap< ezString, ezSet
< ezString > > 

Class Documentation

struct ezPermutationGenerator::PermutationVar
Class Members
ezString m_sValue
ezString m_sVariable

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