ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezVariant Member List

This is the complete list of members for ezVariant, including all inherited members.

CanConvertTo() const ezVariant
CanConvertTo(Type::Enum type) const ezVariant
CanConvertTo() const (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
Cast() (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
Cast() const (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
Cast() (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
Cast() const (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
CompareFunc (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantfriend
ComputeHash(ezUInt64 uiSeed=0) const ezVariant
ConvertNumber() const (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
ConvertTo(ezResult *out_pConversionStatus=nullptr) const ezVariant
ConvertTo(Type::Enum type, ezResult *out_pConversionStatus=nullptr) const ezVariant
CopyFrom(const ezVariant &other) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantinlineprivate
DispatchTo(Functor &functor, Type::Enum type)ezVariantstatic
DispatchTo(Functor &functor, Type::Enum type) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
ezVariant(const ezVariant &other)ezVariant
ezVariant(ezVariant &&other)ezVariant
ezVariant(const T &value)ezVariant
ezVariant(const T &value) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
ezVariantHelper (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantfriend
Get() const ezVariant
Get() const (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
GetData() const ezVariant
GetType() const ezVariant
Init(const T &value) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
Init(const T &value)ezVariant
IsA() const ezVariant
IsA() const (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
IsFloatingPoint(ezUInt32 type) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivatestatic
IsNumber(ezUInt32 type) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivatestatic
IsValid() const ezVariant
m_bIsShared (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
m_Data (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
m_Type (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
MoveFrom(ezVariant &&other) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
operator!=(const ezVariant &other) const ezVariant
operator!=(const T &other) const ezVariant
operator!=(const T &other) const (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
operator=(const ezVariant &other)ezVariant
operator=(ezVariant &&other)ezVariant
operator=(const T &value)ezVariant
operator=(const T &value) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
operator==(const ezVariant &other) const ezVariant
operator==(const T &other) const ezVariant
operator==(const T &other) const (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
operator[](ezUInt32 uiIndex) const ezVariant
operator[](ezHashing::StringWrapper szKey) const ezVariant
Release() (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantinlineprivate
Store(const T &value, ezTraitInt< 0 >) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
Store(const T &value, ezTraitInt< 1 >) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariantprivate
Store(const T &value, ezTraitInt< 0 >) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant
Store(const T &value, ezTraitInt< 1 >) (defined in ezVariant)ezVariant