ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezTaskGroup Class Reference

Public Types

typedef ezDelegate< void()> OnTaskGroupFinished
 The function type to use when one wants to get informed when a task group has been finished.

Private Attributes

bool m_bInUse
bool m_bIsActive
ezUInt16 m_uiGroupCounter
ezHybridArray< ezTask *, 16 > m_Tasks
ezHybridArray< ezTaskGroupID, 4 > m_DependsOn
ezHybridArray< ezTaskGroupID, 8 > m_OthersDependingOnMe
ezAtomicInteger32 m_iActiveDependencies
ezAtomicInteger32 m_iRemainingTasks
ezTaskPriority::Enum m_Priority
OnTaskGroupFinished m_OnFinishedCallback


class ezTaskSystem

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