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ezGlobalLog Class Reference

This is the standard log system that ezLog sends all messages to. More...

#include <Log.h>

Inheritance diagram for ezGlobalLog:

Public Member Functions

virtual void HandleLogMessage (const ezLoggingEventData &le) override
 Override this function to handle logging events.

Static Public Member Functions

static ezGlobalLogGetInstance ()
static void SetLogLevel (ezLogMsgType::Enum LogLevel)
 LogLevel is between ezLogEventType::None and ezLogEventType::All and defines which messages will be logged and which will be filtered out.
static ezLogMsgType::Enum GetLogLevel ()
 Returns the currently set log level.
static void AddLogWriter (ezLoggingEvent::Handler handler)
 Allows to register a function as an event receiver.
static void RemoveLogWriter (ezLoggingEvent::Handler handler)
 Unregisters a previously registered receiver. It is an error to unregister a receiver that was not registered.
static ezUInt32 GetMessageCount (ezLogMsgType::Enum MessageType)
 Returns how many message of the given type occurred.

Private Member Functions


Static Private Attributes

static ezLogMsgType::Enum s_LogLevel = ezLogMsgType::All
 Which messages to filter out.
static ezAtomicInteger32 s_uiMessageCount [ezLogMsgType::ENUM_COUNT]
 Counts the number of messages of each type.
static ezLoggingEvent s_LoggingEvent
 Manages all the Event Handlers for the logging events.
static ezThreadLocalPointer
< ezGlobalLog

Detailed Description

This is the standard log system that ezLog sends all messages to.

It allows to register log writers, such that you can be informed of all log messages and write them to different outputs.

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