ezEngine  Milestone 9
ezDGMLGraph Class Reference

This class encapsulates building a DGML compatible graph. More...

#include <DGMLWriter.h>


struct  Connection
struct  Node

Public Types

enum  Direction { TopToBottom, BottomToTop, LeftToRight, RightToLeft }
enum  Layout { Free, Tree, DependencyMatrix }
enum  NodeShape { None, Rectangle, RoundedRectangle, Button }
typedef ezUInt32 NodeId

Public Member Functions

 ezDGMLGraph (Direction GraphDirection=Direction::LeftToRight, Layout GraphLayout=Layout::Tree)
 Constructor for the graph.
NodeId AddNode (const char *szTitle, ezColor Color=ezColor::White, NodeShape Shape=NodeShape::Rectangle)
 Adds a node to the graph. Adds a node to the graph and returns the node id which can be used to reference the node later to add connections etc.
void AddConnection (NodeId Source, NodeId Target)
 Adds a connection to the graph. Adds a directed connection to the graph (an arrow pointing from source to target node).

Protected Attributes

ezHybridArray< Node, 16 > m_Nodes
ezHybridArray< Connection, 32 > m_Connections
Direction m_Direction
Layout m_Layout


class ezDGMLGraphWriter

Detailed Description

This class encapsulates building a DGML compatible graph.

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