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ezAllocatorBase Class Referenceabstract

Base class for all memory allocators. More...

#include <AllocatorBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for ezAllocatorBase:


struct  Stats

Public Member Functions

virtual void * Allocate (size_t uiSize, size_t uiAlign, ezMemoryUtils::DestructorFunction destructorFunc=nullptr)=0
 Interface, do not use this directly, always use the new/delete macros below.
virtual void Deallocate (void *ptr)=0
virtual void * Reallocate (void *ptr, size_t uiCurrentSize, size_t uiNewSize, size_t uiAlign)
virtual size_t AllocatedSize (const void *ptr)=0
virtual ezAllocatorId GetId () const =0
virtual Stats GetStats () const =0

Detailed Description

Base class for all memory allocators.

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