ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezAbstractObjectGraph Class Reference

Public Member Functions

const char * RegisterString (const char *szString)
const ezAbstractObjectNodeGetNode (const ezUuid &guid) const
ezAbstractObjectNodeGetNode (const ezUuid &guid)
const ezAbstractObjectNodeGetNodeByName (const char *szName) const
ezAbstractObjectNodeGetNodeByName (const char *szName)
ezAbstractObjectNodeAddNode (const ezUuid &guid, const char *szType, const char *szNodeName=nullptr)
void RemoveNode (const ezUuid &guid)
const ezMap< ezUuid,
ezAbstractObjectNode * > & 
GetAllNodes () const
ezMap< ezUuid,
ezAbstractObjectNode * > & 
GetAllNodes ()
void ReMapNodeGuids (const ezUuid &seedGuid)

Private Member Functions

void RemapVariant (ezVariant &value, const ezMap< ezUuid, ezUuid > &guidMap)

Private Attributes

ezSet< ezStringm_Strings
ezMap< ezUuid,
ezAbstractObjectNode * > 
ezMap< const char
*, ezAbstractObjectNode * > 

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