ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezTypeTraits< T > Struct Template Reference


struct  RemoveConst
struct  RemoveConst< const U >
struct  RemovePointer
struct  RemovePointer< U * >
struct  RemoveReference
struct  RemoveReference< U & >

Public Types

typedef RemoveConst< T >::type NonConstType
 removes const qualifier
typedef RemoveReference< T >::type NonReferenceType
 removes reference
typedef RemovePointer< T >::type NonPointerType
 removes pointer
typedef RemoveConst< typename
RemoveReference< T >::type >
 removes reference and const qualifier
typedef RemoveConst< typename
RemoveReference< typename
RemovePointer< T >::type >
::type >::type 
 removes reference, const and pointer qualifier Note that this removes the const and reference of the type pointed too, not of the pointer.

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