ezEngine  Milestone 9
ezGALDepthStencilStateCreationDescription Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for ezGALDepthStencilStateCreationDescription:

Public Attributes

ezGALStencilOpDescription m_FrontFaceStencilOp
ezGALStencilOpDescription m_BackFaceStencilOp
ezGALCompareFunc::Enum m_DepthTestFunc
bool m_bSeparateFrontAndBack
bool m_bDepthTest
bool m_bDepthWrite
bool m_bStencilTest
ezUInt8 m_uiStencilReadMask
ezUInt8 m_uiStencilWriteMask

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ezHashableStruct< ezGALDepthStencilStateCreationDescription >
EZ_ALWAYS_INLINE ezUInt32 CalculateHash () const
 Calculates the 32 bit hash of the struct and returns it.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bSeparateFrontAndBack

bool ezGALDepthStencilStateCreationDescription::m_bSeparateFrontAndBack

If false, DX11 will use front face values for both front & back face values, GL will not call gl*Separate() funcs

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