ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezProfilingId Class Reference

Small helper class to represent a profiling id. More...

#include <Profiling.h>

Public Types

typedef ezGenericId< 24, 8 > InternalId

Public Member Functions

EZ_FORCE_INLINE ezProfilingId (const ezProfilingId &rhs)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE void operator= (const ezProfilingId &rhs)

Private Member Functions

EZ_FORCE_INLINE ezProfilingId (InternalId id)

Private Attributes

InternalId m_Id


class ezProfilingScope
class ezProfilingSystem

Detailed Description

Small helper class to represent a profiling id.

To create a new profiling id use ezProfilingSystem::CreateId. Once the id is not needed anymore call ezProfilingSystem::DeleteId so the memory can be re-used. Please note that id creation and deletion is an expensive operation and should be avoided during runtime. Also keep in mind that the initialization of local static variables is NOT thread safe on all compilers, therefore it can lead to undefined behavior when creating a profiling id as local static.

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