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ezRenderPipelinePass Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

 ezRenderPipelinePass (const char *szName)
void AddRenderer (ezUniquePtr< ezRenderer > &&pRenderer)
void RemoveRenderer (ezUniquePtr< ezRenderer > &&pRenderer)
virtual void Execute (const ezRenderViewContext &renderViewContext)=0
virtual void GetRenderTargetDescriptions (ezDynamicArray< ezGALTextureCreationDescription * > &outputs, ezDynamicArray< ezGALTextureCreationDescription * > &helper)
void RenderDataWithPassType (const ezRenderViewContext &renderViewContext, ezRenderPassType passType)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE ezRenderPipelineGetPipeline ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezNode
void InitializePins ()
const ezNodePinGetPinByName (const char *szName) const
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EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool IsInstanceOf (const ezRTTI *pType) const
 Returns whether the type of this instance is of the given type or derived from it.
template<typename T >
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool IsInstanceOf () const
 Returns whether the type of this instance is of the given type or derived from it.
virtual void Serialize (ezArchiveWriter &stream) const
 This function is called to serialize the instance. More...
virtual void Deserialize (ezArchiveReader &stream)
 This function is called to deserialize the instance. More...
virtual void OnDeserialized ()
 This function is called after all objects are deserialized and thus all references to other objects are valid. More...

Private Member Functions


Private Attributes

ezHashedString m_sName
ezProfilingId m_ProfilingID
ezHashTable< const ezRTTI
*, ezUInt32 > 
ezDynamicArray< ezUniquePtr
< ezRenderer > > 


class ezRenderPipeline

Additional Inherited Members

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static const ezRTTIGetStaticRTTI ()

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