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ezEvent< EventData, MutexType, AllocatorWrapper > Class Template Reference

#include <Event.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ezEvent (ezAllocatorBase *pAllocator)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezEventBase< EventData, MutexType >
void Broadcast (EventData pEventData, ezUInt8 uiMaxRecursionDepth=0) const
 This function will broadcast to all registered users, that this event has just happened. Setting uiMaxRecursionDepth will allow you to permit recursions. When broadcasting consider up to what depth you want recursions to be permitted. By default no recursion is allowed. More...
ezEventSubscriptionID AddEventHandler (Handler handler) const
 Adds a function as an event handler. All handlers will be notified in the order that they were registered. More...
void AddEventHandler (Handler handler, Unsubscriber &unsubscriber) const
 An overload that adds an event handler and initializes the given Unsubscriber object. More...
void RemoveEventHandler (Handler handler) const
 Removes a previously registered handler. It is an error to remove a handler that was not registered. More...
void RemoveEventHandler (ezEventSubscriptionID &id) const
 Removes a previously registered handler via the returned subscription ID. More...
bool HasEventHandler (Handler handler) const
 Checks whether an event handler has already been registered.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ezEventBase< EventData, MutexType >
typedef ezDelegate< void(EventData)> Handler
 Notification callback type for events.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ezEventBase< EventData, MutexType >
 ezEventBase (ezAllocatorBase *pAllocator)

Detailed Description

template<typename EventData, typename MutexType = ezNoMutex, typename AllocatorWrapper = ezDefaultAllocatorWrapper>
class ezEvent< EventData, MutexType, AllocatorWrapper >

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