ezEngine  Milestone 7
ezInternal::MessageHandler< true >::Impl< Class, MessageType, Method > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for ezInternal::MessageHandler< true >::Impl< Class, MessageType, Method >:

Static Public Member Functions

static void Dispatch (const void *pInstance, ezMessage &msg)
 Casts the given message to the type of this message handler, then passes that to the class instance.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ezAbstractMessageHandler
EZ_FORCE_INLINE void operator() (void *pInstance, ezMessage &msg)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE void operator() (const void *pInstance, ezMessage &msg)
EZ_FORCE_INLINE ezMessageId GetMessageId () const
EZ_FORCE_INLINE bool IsConst () const
- Protected Types inherited from ezAbstractMessageHandler
typedef void(* DispatchFunc )(void *, ezMessage &)
typedef void(* ConstDispatchFunc )(const void *, ezMessage &)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ezAbstractMessageHandler
union {
DispatchFunc m_DispatchFunc
ConstDispatchFunc m_ConstDispatchFunc
ezMessageId m_Id
bool m_bIsConst

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